May 28, 2014



Piece made for a CGMA/Synstudio contest, had fun and even got a 3rd place with it.

Before starting i quickly wrote a little piece of text to get me going:

"RrRRRRRrRRRrrRRRhhhhhhRhhh" Radiation meter sound

Maggot I,Maggot I, Avon speaking, we got a situation here. Over

Maggot I roger, what seems to be the problem? Over.

Maggot I, we have located the egg chamber, its in the fusion reactor...but seems to be another kind of egg blocking the heat exchanger, a huge one. Can it be a Queen? Over

Negative Avon, the Queen grows from a FaceHugger. Over

Ten four Maggot I,seems that we got a new family member then, and from the look of it, its a party starter....oh boy. Avon Over and out


May 6, 2014